Cambridge Housing Partners exists to build communities for our residents. By making this our focus, we benefit residents and business partners alike.

• All CHP properties employ Resident Service Coordinators. These community builders design and coordinate services that might otherwise be unavailable to residents. This focus on service helps create communities residents are proud to call “home.”• CHP engages community members not merely as “tenants” but as “residents”—ensuring everyone at CHP remembers our business exists to serve them. This means interaction with residents is always first and foremost a form of customer service. When residents are happy in their homes, communities are stronger and turnover is lower. This is not only good business, it is just the right way to treat people.

• The average unit turnover each year for all apartment types is 55.00% (according to IREM). Turnover costs (including time spent cleaning and releasing) exceed $1,800 for each unit at each turn. CHP strives to keep unit turnover lower than 20% annually—a benchmark met as a direct result of our community building focus.