Cat Doors and Dog Doors

Accord Glass are experts at cutting holes in glass for cat and dog doors.

Accord Glass can cut circular holes suitable for Cat and Dog Doors in Laminated Glass and Float Glass. Cutting Holes in glass is a delicate and precise operation using specialty equipment. Our Glaziers are highly trained and skilled.

Accord Glass policy is that all care but no responsibility is taken ishould the glass develop a crack during or after cutting the hole.

Unfortunately Toughened Glass cannot be cut after manufacture ar the Toughening Process creates such internal pressures on the Glass that cutting the glass would cause it to explode.

Most Toughened Glass panels will have a Stamp , usually in a bottom corner, indicating that the glass is Toughened. If your glass is Toughened, Accord Glass can replace the Glass with another Toughened Glass Panel with a precut hole suitable for your dog or cat door.

Accord Glass can also supply Cat and Dog Doors and we recommend the Transcat Brand.