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Double Hung Windows

Sashcords and Spiral balances
Accord Glass is a market leader in the replacement of Sashcords and Spiral balances in Sydney’s windows.

A Short History Of Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows were an invention of the Dutch, used in narrow city streets where an outward opening window would impede the flow of pedestrian and horse drawn traffic. They are cleverly designed to provide a natural airconditioning system, where by hot air escapes through the opened top window (sash) and cool air enters the room via the opened bottom sash.

Double Hung Window fall into two categories-
Sashcord Windows (Timber) or
Spiral Balances (Timber or Aluminium)

Sashcord Windows.
Sashcord windows use a system of counterweights , pulleys and sashcords to allow the window (sash) to remain open.
Over time, the sashcord can become brittle and break.

At Accord Glass, our experts can replace broken sashcords with minimal damage to your paintwork. We can also unstick windows “painted in “ by many years of neglect. We find that in some houses, the top sash will be permanently stuck, thus not allowing the windows natural airconditioning system to operate. This can be fixed to bring your Double Hung windows back to life.

Spiral balance windows
Spiral balance windows use a system on spring laden tubes positioned in the sides of the sashes to keep the windows open.

Over time, the springs can break, and the spiral balance must be replaced.
Our experts can accurately measure your windows and also weigh your sashes to ensure that the correct new spiral balance is installed.

Make Accord Glass your first point of contact for all your Sashcord and Spiral balance window repairs. Call 9311 3000 today.